Content Test Module Documentation

Create a Google Project

To use the Google Experiments functionality, you will need to setup a Google Application. By setting up the application
Google will provide you with your own quota of API calls related to creating, updating, and syncing data between Google
and Broadleaf.

This process takes place on Google and will result in you having two data attributes that you will need to supply to


Access the Google API Console

Login to your Google account and then access the Google API console here.

You will see a screen similar to the following ...


Create a Google Project

Next, Click the red "CREATE PROJECT" button. A screen similar to the following will appear ...


1 Enter "Broadleaf Google Integration" as the project name.
You can use the default project id.

2 Next, hit the "Create" button.

3 Google may prompt you to agree to terms and conditions or additional account verification steps which you will need to

Afterwards, Google will create the project and you will see a screen similar to the one below which indicates you have
successfully completed this step.


Consult Google documentation on 'Creating a Project to Use Google APIs' if you run
into trouble.

Configure the Google Project API Access

In the previous step, you created a Google Project. Now you need to configure the 'Google Project'.

1 Click the 'API and auth' link for your project. You'll see a screen similar to the following ...

2 Enable the 'Analytics API' access by clicking the 'OFF' button which will turn it to 'ON'

Setup Credentials

The final step of configuring the Google Project is to setup credentials that Broadleaf can use to access your analytics

1 Start by clicking on the Credentials menu item. A screen similar to the following should appear.

2 Click on the 'CREATE NEW CLIENT ID' button

3 Keep 'Web Appllication' menu item selected. Under Authorized Javascprit origins replace "example" in the URL with your URL. Doing so will automatically replace "example" in the Authorized redirect URI field as well. Now add "/admin/content-tests/google/process-auth" to the end of the URL in the Authorized redirect URI section.
Now click Create Client ID button.

5 You'll need Client ID and the Client secret values for the next step which is to Configure And Authorize Broadleaf