Content Test Module Documentation

Authorize Broadleaf

This section explains how to configure and authorize Broadleaf to make calls to your Google Analytics account.


Before beginning this step, you should have a Client Id and Client Secret. These can be obtained by following the
instructions titled Create Google Project

Update the Google System Properties

Broadleaf needs to be configured to use the client id and client secret properties. This can be done through
code or through the Broadleaf Admin --> Settings --> System Properties menu option.

Option 1, Update Google System Properties Through The Admin Interface

As a user with 'Admin' permissions in the Broadleaf Admin, choose 'System Properties' from the 'Settings' submenu.

Find the 'Google Section' and update each of the properties. In addition to the Client Id and Client Secret from the
prior step, you'll need to know your Google Analytics Account Information including your account, property, and
view (a.k.a. profile id). To find these values, login to Google Analytics, choose the account you want to sync with
Broadleaf and then choose the admin menu. You will see three sections similar to the image below ...


For each of these, you can choose the settings menu which contains the id. For example, here is a screenshot of the
view settings. In the image below, the view id is 58606448.


Option 2, Update Google System Properties Through Code

For some users of Broadleaf, it may make more sense to update the properties through code instead of using the admin
interface. To update the properties in code, have a developer update the file associated with
their Broadleaf project.

The properties to update are:

# These values come directly from the Create Google Project steps

# These values come from your Google Analytics Account

Replace the question marks to add your values. Ensure that your values are on a single line with no whitespace

Authorize Broadleaf

For the final step before you begin creating experiments, you will need to authorize Broadleaf to make calls on behalf of a
specific Google Analytics login

Step 1 : From the Broadleaf Commerce Admin, choose the Content Tests menu option.

Step 2 : Since your account has not yet been authorized, you should see a message asking you to authorize your google

Step 3 : Click the link to authorize which will take you to a Google Approval Screen.


That's a lot of work but if you are now seeing the "Add Test" button you are good to start creating experiments.

Otherwise, you should see an error that helps you troubleshoot your configuration.