Embrace the complexities of commerce

Replace Cart and Checkout services in an incremental move to a microservice-based eCommerce solution by adopting a Strangler Pattern. There’s no longer a need to have a ‘big bang’ approach to an eCommerce replatform project.

We view Cart and Checkout as key areas to differentiate your brand, with the ability to share carts across applications (such as mobile and desktop), checkout customized to match your business, customer-specific promotions, and integrations to any first or third-party system. Our APIs further enable you to configure products, change variants, and customize the purchase at any step in the checkout flow.

Cart Composability

Compositional microservices such as Broadleaf’s Cart Operations have explicit dependencies built out of box, or you can build your own Compositional Services using our microservice-based framework. Broadleaf’s Cart Operations include dependencies on:

  • Catalog in order to take in SKU and associated product data
  • Pricing to ensure all aspects of price lists, geographic and contract pricing are considered
  • Offers in managing promos at a segment or individual level, leveraging a rich rule set
  • Campaigns to ensure marketing tracking and management
  • Cart for housing all of a customer’s item in their basket

Shopping Cart Screen

Checkout Customizations

Start with Broadleaf’s best practice checkout flow, and then make it your own. Every part of our microservice-based framework is extensible, supporting a wide range of checkout options such as:

  • Single or multi-page, accordion-style or multi-step, even separate desktop vs. mobile checkout flows - any UX is possible
  • Marketing messages and recommendations to further up- and cross-sell a customer at checkout through Broadleaf’s robust APIs
  • Customer and account-specific rules and options for the most demanding account hierarchy, contract and personalization requirements

Checkout Flow

Performant Scalability

Broadleaf Microservices allow you to containerize and deploy how you want - so auto-scaling separate Cart and Checkout services to scale for Black Friday can be handled in season, while a combined container and database can be leveraged for ongoing operations. Further infrastructure options allow for additional benefits including:

  • Increase speed-to-market with cloud-native and cloud-agnostic microservices
  • Increase infrastructure spending flexibility across your chosen deployment
  • Increase stability by leveraging modern business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Better manage risk both now and in the future on your own terms

Performant Scalability

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