What is the difference between Oracle ATG and Broadleaf?

Broadleaf clients enjoy a sleek, modern architecture with greater flexibility and ease of integration. Get more than you expect out of your solution.

Customizations without Breaking the Bank

Customizations without
Breaking the Bank

Made to be extended, Broadleaf enables tailor-made solutions which are more easily developed, deployed and upgraded.
Complexity without Sacrificing Performance

Complexity without Sacrificing Performance

Designed for catalog, site, content, pricing, offer, user, and international scale and complexity, Broadleaf simply outperforms.
Modern Architecture & Technology

Modern Architecture
& Technology

Leveraging a modular, API-based framework with thousands of components, deployed anywhere, Broadleaf is built for innovation.
Quotation Mark

Soon after the initial launch, [the platform] had to more than prove itself by supporting the traffic generated from a segment of The Oprah Show. Although that generated a spike of six times our average load, the customer shopping experience was not adversely affected. Site performance is something we no longer concern ourselves with.

Tom Birmingham, CIO at The Container Store
Standout Features in Broadleaf
Whether leveraging Broadleaf’s full feature set for an omnichannel retailer, customizing Broadleaf to fit a complex Telco catalog, or integrating Broadleaf into an Industrial Supply legacy solution, making Broadleaf fit your business is our business.
Sophisticated Offer Management
Personalized Content Targeting
Intuitive Product Management
Refined Multi-Everything
Holistic Customer Service
Cassie Gaston
Take Your Next Step in Digital Commerce

We're here to help! Let us know about your project or current challenges, we'd love to lend a hand.

Cassandra Gaston, Customer Success at Broadleaf