Here's a sneak peak of some website content work here at Broadleaf. We are asked regularly to articulate our benefits and value proposition relative to the Enterprise eCommerce market, so here's our top ten list, in no particular order.

#1: We're built on a technology stack that developers know & love.

Java. Spring. Hibernate.

Our best-of-breed approach includes a modern, open development stack. When assessing Broadleaf's platform against other Enterprise eCommerce solutions, we always win with developers and architects for our open source, current stack, built from the ground up for linear scalability without sacrificing performance.

Other solutions are mired in technologies such as older Java EE versions, limited and proprietary database access, and problematic PHP performance, all leading to issues in development velocity, feature capabilities, technical debt and performance.

#2: We cost less, much less than the titans of old.

Yes, we have an ultra-competitive annual subscription price that entitles Enterprise clients to add features as we release them.

We also require less infrastructure (using commodity hardware), offer a development platform with additional Enterprise-level resource availability, and see a consistently higher development and integration velocity against our competition.

Simply stated, we believe Broadleaf to have the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for an Enterprise eCommerce solution on the market.

#3: Our platform is built to scale with you as you grow.

We've tested our platform across hundreds of transactions per second, tens of thousands of concurrent users, and millions of products in real-world environments. We couldn't call our test a success without sub-second response time and partnered with Rackspace to test it on commodity hardware - dual-core servers with 4GB RAM.

What we found was that we had a platform that allowed for horizontal scaling and could easily handle the needs of the most complex business processing billions of dollars a year online.

#4: We encourage teams to work better together.

Broadleaf's unlimited set of sandbox environments allow for testing everything from design and usability to merchandising and marketing changes to a site. Teams can collaborate through Broadleaf's Enterprise workflow and approval process with internal notes attached to changes, approvals and rejections.

Working through Broadleaf's security and group permissions, individual roles and site access can be easily managed within Broadleaf's Admin. So a Designer can work on changes to the front-end (JavaScript, HTML and CSS) while a Merchandiser suggests limited time product promotions, while Marketing puts together new banner ads for the site. All while site approvers can preview changes, schedule changes to the site down to the second, and collaborate internally through the full approval process.

#5: Our targeted promotions demystify personalized marketing.

Get the right message at the right time to the right customer. With Broadleaf's integrated workflow, identifying target customers and displaying personalized offers works through the same engine where the targeted offer is setup.

Product, content and design all fit together with an integrated business rules engine in a single Enterprise platform to provide a fully integrated customer experience. No longer does an Enterprise's product information have to work separately with a content engine in hoping a promoted offer is actually available for the customer viewing the site.

#6: We allow robust management of multiple sites and tenants.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words right? Let's see:


#7: Our professional support comes in one tier: 24x7x365.

For our Enterprise clients, we offer Professional Support on the entire Broadleaf solution with service level agreements (SLAs) and associated problem notification and escalation procedures.

For clients like Tuesday Morning who use our managed hosting services as well, we make sure nothing online goes bump at the night - we cover it all!

#8: We easily integrate with the tools you already know and use.

Broadleaf has assisted partners and clients in integrating with a growing list of third party providers, and we continue to integrate with great third parties. Reporting tools including Google Analytics and Omniture. Payment processing with PayPal, Braintree, Cybersource, SagePay. Tax processing with Avalara. Reviews with BazaarVoice. Email with ExactTarget, CheetahMail, StrongView, and Mailchimp. Infrastructure with Rackspace and Peer1. CRM with Just to name a few!

And if we haven't done an integration to a specific third party tool, you can still leverage Broadleaf's integration framework with standard end points. Simply stated, we were built for integration.

#9: Our pricing and offer engine provides unparalleled flexibility.

Buy X get Y, promo codes, percent off, dollar off, fixed price, geographic area, limited times, limited customers, limited items, limited orders, max uses, all available as control mechanisms through Broadleaf's Admin. All able to be nested with conditions and sub-conditions. All integrated to Broadleaf's platform so site ads and suggestions easily relate to offers available to the customer.

With the additional ability to manage different currencies with straight conversion or currency-dependent pricing, as well as volume based and customer-specific pricing all across a product and/or SKU level, Broadleaf provides a robust toolset for handling the most complex pricing needs.

#10: We're built for control freaks.

Whether it be technical teams with an open source philosophy or business users looking for tight security and workflow processes, Broadleaf is built to allow as little or as much access as you want to have and give.

Because we don't like black boxes or one-size-fits-all feature configurations. Because it's in our corporate DNA and our tagline - eCommerce without limits.