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Tailor Product Catalogs to Enhance Shopping Experiences: New Catalog Access Policies

By Nick Crum

Broadleaf's new Catalog Access Policy module was built with the purpose of providing rich and curated B2B user experiences. As one of the principle engineers working on this project, Nick Crum shares some of the use cases for this module, and how you could use this within your eCommerce website.

Creating Powerful Solr Filters Using MVEL Expressions

By Nick Crum

Nick Crum has been working on a project where the goal was to figure out a way to filter search results based on a dynamic set of rules. We were working within Broadleaf, which uses MVEL for its rule builders and Solr for its search engine. The purpose of this project was to limit the parts of a catalog that a segment of customers should be allowed to browse.

What is Multi-Everything?

By Broadleaf

With so many terms being thrown around in the 'Multi-Everything' eCommerce technology market, we've found it useful to define some of that terminology to help clarify solution types and the needs they service and help business owners better identify a solution that suits their specific needs.