Broadleaf Commerce, the open source software provider for building customized eCommerce solutions, has been selected to present at the upcoming SpringOne 2GX 2014 conference, taking place in Dallas, TX from September 8 to September 11. Sponsored by Pivotal One and No Fluff Just Stuff, SpringOne 2GX 2014 caters to application developers, solution architects, web operations, and IT teams.

Sessions presented at the conference are engineered toward developers who use the open source Spring I0 software. Speakers will present over Groovy & Grails, Cloud Foundry, Hadoop, and Tomcat technologies.

Broadleaf Commerce Senior Software Engineer, Phillip Verheyden, will host a session detailing how to migrate from Spring 3 to Spring 4. "The talk will cover where and what to change to take advantage of the latest and greatest that Spring has to offer," Verheyden said. Verheyden's presentation will take place September 11 from 12:35 pm to 2:15 pm.

Other speakers at the SpringOne 2GX conference will include: Spring XD Co-Lead and Spring Integration Founder, Mark Fisher, Spring Framework Project Lead, Juergen Hoeller, and Groovy Project Manager, Guillaume Laforge.

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About Broadleaf Commerce, LLC

Broadleaf Commerce is the owner of an open-source eCommerce framework targeted at facilitating the development of enterprise-class, commerce-driven sites by providing a robust data and services model, a rich administration platform, and specialized tooling that takes care of core commerce functionality providing the framework for companies such as The Container Store, Pep Boys, and Vology. For more information, visit: