If your company is considering a new platform but is afraid to move due to so many custom needs, Broadleaf’s API Commerce or ‘Headless Commerce,’ Edition is nothing to be scared of! Here are 5 reasons to run confidently toward API commerce and NOT away.

1. Headless Commerce is All About Customization, and So is Broadleaf

Broadleaf Commerce is a fully customizable DXP platform with multiple editions, including a fully RESTful API. Broadleaf is black-box free and designed to give developers the freedom to customize the platform to their exact needs.

2. Creating an API Solution Using Open- Source Technologies Lowers Implementation Costs

The Broadleaf API edition is based on open-source Java technologies such as Spring and Hibernate. These technologies provide development teams with the ability to extend or replace any custom entity or service. Having full access to the code helps to reduce implementation costs while providing endless possibilities to customize and integrate.

3. Replatform Initiatives Can Be Done at Your Pace

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your platform doesn’t have to either! With Broadleaf’s API solution, you can replatform incrementally with more than 100 customizable REST APIs and more than 1,000 customizable Java APIs. These APIs provide the opportunity to easily integrate and maintain your current site or to customize and make something even better.

4. Replace One Module, or the Entire Framework

Broadleaf’s API solution doesn’t necessitate a complete replatform. If you just want to extend your capabilities, you can use commerce as a service. WIth the API Edition, you have the option to just replace just one module, or leverage the full solution.

5. Integrations Your Way

With Broadleaf, your integration options are limitless. Leveraging Spring, integrating extensible endpoints is easily accomplished and can be manipulated to suit your business needs, allowing you to create a better experience for your customers.

eCommerce trends are incredibly dynamic, but as evidenced by its rapidly increasing popularity, it would seem that API commerce is here to stay. Broadleaf’s “Headless” API Commerce Edition is an ideal solution for companies wanting the freedom to mix technologies, and create a custom commerce solution. If you’re considering an entire system replatform, or simply giving your framework a facelift, I’d encourage you to take a look at Broadleaf and request a 1:1 demo of the API commerce offering or contact Broadleaf to tell us more about your API commerce needs.