We are pleased to announce that the 6th patch release of Broadleaf Commerce Framework is now available via the Broadleaf Nexus as of April 13, 2021. Find out what has changed in our 6.1.6-GA Release Notes.

The following Enterprise modules were also released:

Account - 3.2.4-GA
Affiliate - 2.2.2-GA
Customer Segment - 2.2.4-GA
Enterprise (Workflows and Approvals) - 4.2.6-GA
Enterprise CMS (Advanced CMS) - 3.2.5-GA
Enterprise i18n - 3.2.4-GA
Enterprise Inventory (Advanced Inventory) - 3.2.1-GA
Enterprise Offers (Advanced Offers) - 3.2.5-GA
Export - 2.0.7-GA
Gift Card and Account Credit - 4.2.4-GA
Import - 3.2.4-GA
Importer - 2.1.3-GA
Marketplace - 2.2.3-GA
Multi-Tenant - 4.2.5-GA
Order Management System (OMS) - 3.2.5-GA
Presentation Layer (Thymeleaf) - 2.2.1-GA
Price List - 4.2.4-GA
Product Type - 2.1.1-GA
Quote - 2.2.3-GA
Rest API - 3.0.8-GA
Scheduled Jobs (Jobs and Events) - 3.2.4-GA

A new version of Braintree is also available which uses Braintree library version 2.107.0 - Braintree 3.1.0-GA