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Scaling the Broadleaf Commerce Data Tier with PostgreSQL

By Kelly Tisdell

SOLVED: Scaling Broadleaf Commerce’s database tier to account for high volumes of eCommerce transactions with PostgreSQL, Pgpool-II.

Searchandising with Broadleaf and Solr (Part 1 - Browsing by Device Type)

By Kelly Tisdell

In Part 1 of the series entitled, ‘Searchandising with Broadleaf and Solr’, I will illustrate how to set up the ability to search and browse by device type, using the Solr search engine. 

Broadleaf's Unique Application Context Merge Process Explained

By Kelly Tisdell

I'm currently in Washington, DC at the excellent SpringOne conference. I had the honor of presenting yesterday at the conference.

Broadleaf Continues to Choose The Spring Framework over EJB 3

By Kelly Tisdell

There's an old saying that it's bad manners to talk politics and religion. It's likely true that the same can be said for discussing which enterprise application development framework is the best - Spring or Java EE 6.

Using Active Directory with Broadleaf Commerce

By Kelly Tisdell

Broadleaf Commerce, an enterprise class, open source eCommerce framework is built on The Spring Framework. As such, Spring Security is a natural choice to provide security for Broadleaf Commerce, even when using an authentication mechanism like Active Directory.

Broadleaf Commerce Deployed on Cloud Foundry

By Kelly Tisdell

I have been working a lot lately with Broadleaf Commerce and wondered what it would take to deploy it on VMware's Cloud Foundry. There are already a number of blogs and sources of documentation out there describing the simplicity and steps to deploy a Java / Spring web application to Cloud Foundry.