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TestContainers: Selenium Acceptance Testing Across a Multi-Container Docker Project

By Elbert Bautista

Example tutorial describing how to set up JUnit SpringBoot tests using TestContainers to run automated UI tests with different docker selenium browser containers.

Mustache: Effective Parallel Web Development Using Logic-less Templates

By Elbert Bautista

Having successfully completed an extremely fast and agile Java e-commerce project recently, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my thoughts on the process, patterns, and technologies that were used.

Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Mobile Strategy

By Elbert Bautista

We've always recommended that clients thoroughly understand and evaluate the pros and cons of building a good mobile design upfront. Having a well-designed mobile story should be one of the top priorities when developing a great eCommerce experience.

i18n Enhancements for 3.2 and Enterprise

By Elbert Bautista

Improved support for internationalized addresses, messages, and data translations.

Implications of SEPA on Your eCommerce Business and How Broadleaf Can Help

By Elbert Bautista

If you aren't familiar with SEPA, or are starting to conduct business in the Euro Zone, or are one of those unfortunate not to have already converted their existing payment systems, don't fret! This article aims to help clarify your questions and show you how Broadleaf may help your eCommerce system achieve SEPA-compliance.

Broadleaf Merge Process 2.0

By Elbert Bautista

If you haven't read the blog post entitled "Broadleaf's Unique Application Context Merge Process Explained", it is worth a quick read to familiarize yourself with the motivations behind it and why it is used. Now, if you've actually worked with Broadleaf and dealt with the merge process in your own implementations, you may have noticed the lack of fine grain control of the whole process.

Deploying Broadleaf Commerce 2.0 on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

By Elbert Bautista

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to deploy the Broadleaf Demo to Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. If you don't have the Broadleaf Demo already built and ready to go, please follow the Getting Started tutorial first.

Why your eCommerce site should integrate with Spring Social

By Elbert Bautista

Despite the recent departure of Eran Hammer, one of the lead authors and editors, from the OAuth 2.0 specification with what would seem to be a crippling end to the very popular protocol, the OAuth 2.0 Sky is in fact NOT falling.

Internationalization in Broadleaf Commerce

By Elbert Bautista

Broadleaf Commerce is an enterprise class, open source eCommerce framework currently available on GitHub here. It is built in Java on top of frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate, among other things.