Enterprise Platform Features

An enterprise solution feature set ideal for Fortune 500 needs, Broadleaf provides the most sought after functionality for supporting B2C, B2B, and B2B2C eCommerce at the best value in the market. Every solution can be customized to ensure your eCommerce site is tailored to your specific requirements. Robust functionality within a lightweight framework lend to some of the characteristics that cause Broadleaf to stand out from the rest. Never feel restricted by a features list again.

Shopping Cart

Everything you've come to expect from an eCommerce platform, including the ability to manage a cart and checkout process, is included - not to mention the ability to tie Marketing and Merchandising promotions to what's in the cart.

Cart Operations

Adding, updating and removing items from a cart either as a registered customer or guest are processed through a powerful workflow engine, allowing shopping cart rules across products or customers.


By default, Broadleaf Commerce supplies activities for executing pricing, payment and order reset. For more customized checkout activities, Broadleaf provides a workflow which can handle scenarios such as notifying a fulfillment provider of a completed order in order to schedule shipping to a customer.

Payments & Promotions

Pay for items in a cart using multiple methods, from credit and debit to virtual currency and digital gift cards, payment gateways, and the ability to apply store credit or promotions in the cart and checkout process.

Offers & Promotions

The most powerful rules-based engine in eCommerce, Broadleaf provides targeted offers across customers, orders, items and pricing contexts. From BOGO to up-sell to personalized offers, Broadleaf has you covered.

Offers & Discounts

Target any customer, order, item or geography with the ability to combine conditions and sub-conditions. Need to make a special offer only valid for loyal customers whose name end in 'y' located in Texas and valid during a full moon? No problem.

Personalized Ad Targeting

Directly relating cross- and up-sell products to other items, as well as setting complex Marketing rules is a snap. Determining appropriate Customers, Times, Requests, Products, Items, Orders and Categories can each be specifically targeted individually or in combination.

Promo Codes

Setup a promo code with the options of having a start and end date, or specific number of uses. Promotions can be used within Broadleaf's powerful offer engine to further enhance or limit other offers and promotions, giving admin users the ultimate control.

Content Management System (CMS)

In addition to the basic management of products and catalog information, Broadleaf provides a WYSIWYG editor to manage items such as blogs and other pre-defined content pages. In fact, we run Broadleaf's website on our own CMS!

Workflow & Approval

Every content and workflow change in Broadleaf is able to filter through approval process internally so a supervisor can approve or reject changes with notes for internal review. With a single hub for changing website content and commenting internally (with auditability), Broadleaf helps to make your work life simply work.

Content Editing

Using a WYSIWYG interface that also accepts Markdown, Broadleaf's content editing capabilities can be set at a page or widget level, with the ability to setup structured fields for content and full page layouts. Content can further be displayed based on Broadleaf's powerful targeting engine, ensuring your personalized content reaches the right people.

Sandbox Environments

With the ability to setup different sites to edit and validate content through a single administrative interface, no longer will the business need to wait for another IT deployment. Want to preview and manage different Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter versions of the site? No problem!

Product Management

Whether managing product information or digital assets related to a product, Broadleaf covers all aspects of Marketing and Merchandising needs. Keep it as simple as entering a product name, description, price, and URL under a Category, or as complicated as defining product options, marketing information, related media, shipping options and product attributes.


While the Community Edition of Broadleaf enables one currency to convert to different denominations, the Enterprise Edition allows management of currencies across geographies and independent of conversion rates.

Product Options

With the ability to define unique variables which can be required before adding to a cart, Broadleaf easily allows product options to be created based on variables that include color, size, date, decimals, text, and much more.

Product Information Management

Sale and Retail pricing, Start and End date availability, Picture and Media descriptions, Tax and Price List data, Cross- and Up-sell products, Category and Featured attributes, SKU creation and management, Shipping and Fulfillment options, Descriptions and Inventory Management all available in a single administrative interface that is your online store.


Multi-tenant, multi-site, multi-currency, multi-channel; a platform for your multi-everything needs. Read all about the platform designed for your multi-everything needs.

Multi-Site / Multi-Tenant

Create and manage multiple sites from one central location. Set permissions for admin privileges and customer access. One solution for your multi-business needs.

Multi-Channel / Multi-Device

Regardless of the device used to access your site, or channels you serve, Broadleaf can cover mobile-based B2B, tablet-based B2C and API-based sales over SmartTV, in-game app, or wherever else your customers are.

Multi-Currency / Multi-Lingual

Borderless eCommerce capabilities allow you to capitalize on every sales opportunity. Broadleaf offers full internationalization (i18n) enablement, as well as complex pricing to meet different geographical and end customer needs.

Search & Browse

Smart search faceting, straightforward categorization, user generated URL structures, and SEO-friendly practices all around make for not only a great user experience, but a discoverable site.
Discover optimized product placement and custom content targeting for all of your merchandising needs.

Smart Search and Browse

Using the powerful SOLR search engine, Broadleaf is able to direct open searches to custom facets based on the search term. Not to mention type-ahead search with mistype corrections, dynamic facets based on ranges, or dynamic search based on language.

Category Management

Critical to product categoriation, Broadleaf fully supports categorization tiers, featured products and marketing messages by category, special media, search facets and exclusions, as well as default fulfillment and product options. Now you can both slice and dice!

SEO Management

With the ability to set URLs on any piece of content, product or category, as well as manually set URL redirects, Broadleaf adds to the standard SEO capabilities of naturally matching content to titles and tags, generating site maps and embedding social media to ensure products and services are found across any and every channel.

Order Management

Basic Order Management review, status and details are all available to Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), while customers can be made aware of order status through email notification. For more robust needs, Broadleaf can handle split orders, fulfillment categories, RMA processes, and business rules surrounding eCommerce needs.

Order Management

With integration into popular fulfillment carriers including UPS, USPS and FedEx, Broadleaf allows either registered or guest users to track order status and receive updates over their preferred channel.

Order and Payment History

Tracking past orders, payments and items informs not only Customers of past purchases and CSRs of account history, but also allows Merchandisers and Marketers to create more dynamic, personalized experiences.

Detailed Order Information

For audit and CSR purposes, Broadleaf tracks dates, adjustments, codes, payment and fulfillment group data for review in addition to standard order items, status, and attributes.

Customer Management

Registered or unregistered, with or without contact information, Broadleaf allows customer attributes across a multitude of features which Marketers and Account Managers love. From special pricing to custom generated customer content, if you can dream it, we can scheme it.

Price List Management

Broadleaf has the ability to set different pricing based on geography, customer segment, or anything else you can filter from a database field.

Registration Management

Registered customers can easily see and edit account information, view orders, change their password, manage different shipping addresses, and manage wishlists with ease.

Account Management

Not only may CSRs and admin users create, edit and delete contact information as well as payment methods, but also set pricing specific to customers or groups and create new data specific to customers which can be used across all of Broadleaf's workflow features.

Framework Features

The Broadleaf framework is designed to allow you to extend any entity, add your own custom entities, and replace or extend any service, DAO, or create custom controllers. Check the tech and get involved with the community!

Custom Fields

With the ability to add or extend your own custom fields into Broadleaf using our administrative interface, custom controllers mean there’s no limit to the additional attributes you can put on customers or products.


Broadleaf's Enterprise Edition has been battle tested and proven to be performant at the highest volumes proven in a Scalability study done in connection with Rackspace


Broadleaf's Enterprise Edition license includes 24x7 Professional Support with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing response times as well as problem notification and escalation procedures for your business

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