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A/B Testing with Broadleaf and Google Experiments

April 2014 Webinar Recap

In case you missed it we recently covered one of Broadleaf’s latest feature sets – Content Testing! You can check out the 20 minute webinar below and keep reading if you want to know what it’s all about.

Commonly referred to as A/B Testing, what we at Broadleaf call Content Tests and what much of the market refers to as Multivariate Testing, we cover in the webinar:

  • What is A/B Testing and what can I test?
  • What is Google Experiments and why integrate with it?
  • Why use Broadleaf Commerce with Google Experiments?
  • What does Testing look like using Broadleaf and Google?
  • How are the Broadleaf Content Tests setup?

Throughout the webinar we demonstrate how to use Broadleaf’s Content Test modules with Google Experiments, where the reporting of tests are fully available with Google Analytics.

Here’s the handy dandy matrix from the webinar to explain why you’d want to use Broadleaf’s Content Tests with Google Experiments:

And if that doesn’t convince you to watch the webinar, checkout the 5 step process for setting up your A/B Test through Broadleaf:

Step 1: Select what content will participate in the test (URLs, template types, etc.)

Step 2: Determine the outcome you want to measure (conversions, revenue, etc.)

Step 3: Decide what percentage and types of users will participate in the test

Step 4: Setup test variations, including the number of variations and the actions for each variation (changing content in a content zone, a system property, etc.)

Step 5: Run the test and check the results in Google Analytics!

We’d love to hear more from you – please do let us know in the comments below what you think – and happy testing!