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Broadleaf Commerce Announces Release of Version 1.6 of the Enterprise Open Source eCommerce Platform

Broadleaf Commerce, an open source eCommerce company, is pleased to announce the release of version 1.6 of its enterprise open source eCommerce platform. Version 1.6 includes important structural changes, administration improvements, and promotion engine improvements.

New Features

  • PayPal integration
  • Dynamic image manipulation capabilities including resize, blur, rotate and more
  • Limit number of times a promotion can be used in an order
  • Limit number of times a promotion can be used per customer
  • Buy-One-Get-One promotion behavior in bundles
  • Better international currency handling

The Broadleaf Commerce Admin includes the following enhancements

  • Validation API allows for company specific validation rules
  • Ability to maintain multiple customer addresses
  • Self-service account and password management for administrative users
  • Locale based formatting for numbers and currency
  • Improved admin search allowing range searches for numeric and money values
  • More granular security administration

â??This is an important release for all users of Broadleaf Commerce,â?? said Jeff Fischer, CTO, Broadleaf Commerce. â??It includes structural changes that will better enable us to release third-party integrations and improvements without affecting the core code base. Weâ??ve improved our internationalization support and made numerous investments in the admin platform. The newly introduced caching image server provides a mechanism for advanced, high-performance image request and effects filtering. More importantly, it allows customers to upload one high-resolution image and size it appropriately when needed, which is especially useful when building UIs for mobile and tablet applications that benefit greatly from having optimized images.â??

Existing 1.5 users are encouraged to migrate to version 1.6 as soon as possible. A migration guide has been provided on our documentation site here.