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Broadleaf Commerce Coming Soon to GitHub, MavenCentral, and a Cloud near you

The team at Broadleaf Commerce is working hard to improve the framework. We've wrapped up some major eCommerce implementations in time for this year's holiday season and are looking forward to focusing on some framework items.

Over the next few weeks, we will introduce changes that will make it easier to use and contribute to the framework.

  • Move to GitHub: By moving our code repository to GitHub, the community will have a simplified, well-defined process for contributing to the framework.
  • Make it Easier to Get Started : Broadleaf will be available starting with version 1.5 in the Maven Central Repository. We will also provide a Maven Archetype that will make starting a new project based on the Broadleaf Commerce framework a snap. We are also investigating the right cloud offering and are considering Cloud Foundry and Heroku as obvious choices.
  • Let you know where we are headed : The Broadleaf 1.6 and 2.0 roadmaps will be published soon. So far, multi-site, improved RESTful services, and more pre-built templates are on the list.

Just wanted to give the community a heads up on our focus for the next few weeks. Let us know if we are missing something.