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Broadleaf Commerce v3.0 Released

The open source software provider for building customized eCommerce solutions, Broadleaf Commerce, is pleased to announce the release of v3.0. As the platform provider for major enterprises, including The Container Store, Pep Boys, and Ganz, Broadleaf has paved the way as the first company to develop an open source, enterprise-ready eCommerce solution using the Spring Framework.

"Not since launching the Broadleaf Commerce framework in 2009 have we had a more significant release," said Brian Polster, President of Broadleaf Commerce. With v3.0, Broadleaf further enhanced the lightweight, highly scalable framework via reduced compiling times, streamlined customizations, and increased modularity for seamless updates.

Compiling Times

"If each developer on a 10 developer team builds twice a day, there's a savings of just shy of 300 hours per year in compilation time alone," said Andre Azzolini, Broadleaf Commerce Senior Engineer. "We are now benefitting from faster development velocity, faster build times, and faster runtime execution," said Polster.


While Broadleaf's customization is virtually limitless, the process has been further simplified. Jeff Fischer, CTO of Broadleaf Commerce stated, "In v3.0, we introduced a new merge process that makes it much easier for developers to target the specific items in their own code base that they would like to include or override in the framework." In addition, removing or adding new fields or structures now only requires 1-2 lines of code, accelerating time-to-market.


As new functionalities for Broadleaf roll out, they are now being offered as 'modules'. Users can now choose if they want to utilize the new modules and if so, easily weave the module into their solution.This provides Broadleaf users the freedom to implement updates as they see fit.

Additional overall enhancements include: Core Architecture, Code Processing, Merging, Price Splits, Easier Coding and Admin for BOGO Multi-Ship Options, Extended Translation Support, and Reduced Database Churning. In comparison, Broadleaf Commerce v3.0 has supplied the admin with "technology that is more flexible, modern, and extensible than any other commerce platform," stated Polster. Broadleaf Commerce encourages eCommerce enterprises to view the v3.0 Demo here: http://broadleafcommerce.com/demo

Broadleaf Commerce, LLC is a privately held company committed to developing and supporting an open source alternative for enterprise eCommerce. It is the first company to develop an open source, enterprise-ready eCommerce solution using the widely adopted Spring Framework, which is the leading platform to build and run enterprise Java applications. Companies using Broadleaf Commerce are able to improve efficiency, capitalize on competitive advantages, and increase revenue. The open source business model yields a product that is superior to others for a fraction of the cost and is designed for customization.