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Broadleaf Community Edition (CE) - Still Going Strong

Broadleaf invests in CE with additional community support and features

As the President of Broadleaf Commerce, I am often asked what differentiates Broadleaf from other enterprise eCommerce software options.

One of the key factors differentiating Broadleaf from other enterprise eCommerce software solutions is our community. The Broadleaf community started over 4 years ago with the introduction of our forums and has recently expanded to include the use of GitHub. Over the past year alone, the number of Broadleaf community members has risen by over 30%.

Broadleaf's Community Edition Resources

Recently, Broadleaf introduced our Enterprise Edition (EE). The product has been well received as it provides advanced features and support of both the commercial and open source features by the development teams at Broadleaf. We've been asked if this signals an end to the Community Edition of Broadleaf. The answer is "no".

In the last year, we've been able to invest more in the community that we were ever able to before launching the Enterprise Edition. Our plans call for continued investments in the Community Edition.

Here are a few of the community investments we've made over the past year...

  • Introduced a position on the Broadleaf team, a "Community Evangelist", who is in charge of prioritizing community based needs; Phillip Verheyden is currently serving in this important role
  • Switched our repository and issue tracking to GitHub; we've addressed hundreds of community reported issues and suggestions that have been communicated to us through GitHub.
  • Added admin features to allow admin customization through annotations including the ability to manage translations
  • Upgraded our payment workflow engine
  • Added performance features like Thymeleaf cache support and Static Resource bundling
  • Added additional online docs describing such things as Custom Controllers in our admin
  • Promoted community Broadleaf CE implementations, such as Plantas Shoes in the UK

And we have more planned for the future...

  • A complete redo of our approach to forums that will allow us to more efficiently enable assistance to the community
  • Work with eCommerce technology partners to provide more out-of-box integration options
  • Continually enhance our technical documentation and product usability
  • We will continue to promote YOUR successful community implementations of Broadleaf CE through our marketing channels

At Broadleaf, we are honored to be the steward of the Broadleaf Commerce Community Edition. We aim to do our best to enable the community to grow and be successful and appreciate feedback on how we can best achieve that goal.